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Inspired by ancient medicinal traditions passed down from generation to generation, the Asian Traditions offer a variety of classic therapies.

All sessions at Elements Spa feature 30 minutes of total relaxation. Enjoy the difference.

Relax your mind and seek inspiration in the surrounding serenity. Our therapist will offer you an herbal beverage and light snacks, and your feet will receive soothing care. Enjoy a few moments of relaxation, letting go of all of your worries. All sessions at Elements Spa feature 30 minutes of total relaxation. Enjoy the difference.

Indonesian Tradition

The core of this Indonesian treatment, which improves circulation, is a one-hour Balinese massage, where the therapist firmly applies palm and thumb pressure in order to stimulate circulation, revitalize energy and release tension. The antiseptic properties of the Turmeric and Ginger Exfoliation cleanse your skin and replenish its shine while the Yogurt Treatment hydrates your body before it enters into the Rain Shower cascade. This traditional therapy concludes with a Creamy Honey Toning Treatment which recuperates your skin’s hydration before reinvigorating it with another Rain Shower cascade, leaving your skin as smooth as silk.

/ Foot Bath
/ Balinese Massage
/ Turkish Bath
/ Turmeric and Ginger Exfoliation
/ Yogurt Treatment
/ Rain Shower
/ Creamy Honey Revitalization
/ Rain Shower
/ Light Snacks and Relaxation

180 minute session - 250.00€ per person 

Chinese Tradition

Pamper yourself with a complete head-to-toe experience. Begin with a Gui Shi Hot Stone Massage, a balanced treatment described in the Gui Shi medical texts from Tibet. Your entire body is massaged with hot river stones and sesame oil, bringing heat and pressure to your body’s vital points. This treatment benefits circulation and helps to free toxins from your system. The Ginseng Full-Body Exfoliation has a hydrating effect, leaving the skin healthier while the compresses featuring Red Rice hydrating cream provide nourishment. This treatment concludes with a Marigold Bath that cleanses and revitalizes your skin.

/ Foot Bath
/ Gui Shi Hot Stone Massage
/ Turkish Bath
/ Ginseng Full-Body Exfoliation
/ Red Rice Hydrating Cream
/ Marigold Bath
/ Light Snacks and Relaxation

180 minute session - 240.00€ per person

Ayurvedic Tradition

Experience the ancient Ayurvedic tradition, beginning with an herbal foot bath in order to prepare the body for what comes next. Allow the antibacterial benefits of the herbal Cinnamon Exfoliation to cleanse and balance your skin. Your body is revitalized with a Yoga Massage, which combines palm and thumb pressure with light stretching, concentrating on the tense muscles in order to combat fatigue and exhaustion. Allow the Indian Head Massage to relax and clear your mind. The herbal bath is the perfect ending for this therapeutic experience, as it re-establishes the body’s overall balance.


/ Herbal Foot Bath
/ Turkish Bath
/ Herbal Cinnamon Exfoliation
/ Yoga Massage
/ Indian Head Massage
/ Herbal Bath
/ Light Snacks and Relaxation

180 minute session - 240.00€ per person

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