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Tivoli Victoria -Vilamoura
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8125-309 Vilamoura, Portugal
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Spa & Well-Being

Elements Spa by Banyan Tree

Experience a new luxury approach to Asian Spa therapies at Portugal’s first Elements Spa by Banyan Tree, the prestige brand of the highly regarded Thai company Banyan Tree.

Leave the world behind... As you rise to the hotel’s top floor, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the finest of Oriental traditions, in a magnificent private setting, at a retreat that blends serenity with exotic sensuality.
Allow yourself to be embraced by the aromas and fragrances of our natural plant, herb and spice essence massage oils in a holistic setting of “ample contact, minimal technology,” featuring an emphasis on the human touch, the use of natural herbs and spices, and a reintroduction of an exotic mix of traditional health and beauty treatments.
Feel your senses awaken as you prepare to experience a new dimension of physical and spiritual well-being.

Choose your personal experience from among our vast selection of health and beauty treatments, based on ancestral practices and the finest Oriental traditions. There are seven treatment rooms, one indoor Vitality Pool, a sauna, private jacuzzis with a view of the Victoria golf course, hydromassage facilities and relaxation areas. Allow our professional therapists (trained at the Banyan Tree Spa Academy in Phuket Thailand) help you attain a full sense of spiritual, mental and physical harmony.

A luxury spa concept that makes a strong impression on those who visit.

In order to provide the best possible service to guests, we would like to inform you that the SPA will be closed during the month of November for maintenance work. As an alternative, we can provide a free shuttle to our Angsana SPA, by Banyan Tree at the Tivoli Marina Vilamoura, just 5 minutes away from the Tivoli Victoria.

SPA Treatments in Vilamoura

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Contacts and reservations

Hours: 11h00 to 20h00

For more information or reservations about our Spa services, please complete the form below or contact our Elements Spa:

Tel.: +351 289 317 400
Fax: +351 289 317 401


Notice: The SPA and the indoor pool with hydro-circuit are to be used exclusively by adults and young people over the age of 16.


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